Other Committees

Library Committee
Achin Chakraborty (Director)
Bidhan Kanti Das (Faculty)
Gorky Chakraborty (Faculty)
Nandini Ghosh (Faculty)
Soumendra Kanta Lahiri Chowdhury (Accounts)
Subhanil Chowdhury (Faculty)
Sovan Sardar (Library)

Computer Committee
Jenia Mukherjee (Faculty)
Saswata Ghosh (Faculty) ,Convenor
Subrata Mukherjee (Faculty)
Soumendra Kanta Lahiri Chowdhury(Accounts)
Sanchari Guha Samanta (Administration)
Sanjit Bandyopadhyay (Computer Centre)

Internal Complaints Committee
Gautam Bera (Administration)
Indrani Chakraborty (Faculty)
Subhanil Chowdhury (Faculty)
Kakali De (Administration)
Sanchari Guha Samanta (Administration)
Nandini Ghosh (Faculty), Convenor
Ishita Mukhopadhyay, Professor and Director, Women’s Studies Research
Centre, University of Calcutta (External Member)

House Keeping Committee
Ashok Pattra (Administration)
Bijoy Das (Administration)
Biswanath Das (Administration)
Indrani Chakraborty (Faculty)
Uttam Bhattacharya (Faculty, Convenor)