Phd Programme

Admission to PhD Programme in Development Studies, 2016


Sample Question Paper for Entrance Test

PhD Fellowship under Rabindra Nath Tagore Centre for Human Development Studies

In conformity with the procedures laid down by the PhD committees of different departments of various universities, IDSK admits PhD scholars in select social science disciplines. The scholars must fulfil the eligibility criteria of and pass through the admission test of the particular university with which she/he wishes to register. The scholars work either under the exclusive supervision of the faculty member(s) of IDSK, or under the joint supervision of the IDSK faculty and the faculty of the university with which the scholar is registered. A PhD scholar of IDSK can be registered with any Indian or foreign university, provided a prior agreement is reached between the university and IDSK. A few fellowships are offered to the PhD scholars through a competitive process following an announcement inviting applications. Applications for admission to PhD with fellowship are not invited on a regular interval, such as around a particular time of every year; they are invited as and when the fund is available. Four PhD scholars have so far completed their theses and awarded the degree, and four scholars are at various stages of their work.
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