Simantini Mukhopadhyay

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Economics,University of Calcutta
Room No. 505
Office telephone
+91 33 2321 3120/21 (Extension No. 55)
Email address:
Areas of interest:
Health Economics, Child Health and Nutrition, Measurement of Poverty and Inequality, Microeconometrics.



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  • ‘Sex differences in the risk profile of hypertension: a cross-sectional study’, (Jointly with SaswataGhosh and Anamitra Barik), BMJ Open, 6:e010085. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2015-010085, 2016
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Chapters in Books

  • ‘Caste-Gender Intersectionalities and the Curious Case of Child Nutrition: A Methodological Exposition’, (jointly with Achin Chakraborty), in Supurna Banerjee and Nandini Ghosh (eds) Caste and Gender in Contemporary India : Power, Privilège and Politics (Routledge), forthcoming.