MPhil Programme

MPhil in Development Studies

In collaboration with the University of Calcutta, IDSK successfully carried out the MPhil programme in Development Studies since 2006 till 2020-21. The MPhil degree was conferred by the University of Calcutta. The two-year programme was designed to provide an understanding of various perspectives on development issues, through a rigorous course work and guided research. The perspectives were drawn from different disciplines, with a strong emphasis on the classics in social sciences and humanities. The curriculum emphasized a heterodox perspective on social science paradigms and the methodological underpinnings of social science research. The programme was equally divided between the course work and writing a dissertation based on independent research. The dissertation titles are given below. 168 students have been awarded MPhil degree till 2021 and have subsequently chosen various career paths.

Following the directives of the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the University of Calcutta, admission to MPhil in Development Studies programme was stopped after completion of the 2020-21 programme in December 2021.

List of Past MPhil Dissertations