Our library has rich collections of printed and online international and national journals, which are listed below:

Foreign Journals
Sl. No. Title Starting Year Print/Online
1African Affairs2009O
2American Economic Review2003P
3American Journal of Epidemiology2004P+O
4American Journal of Public Health2004P
5Anthropology and Medicine2003P
6Cambridge Journal of Economics2007O
7Cambridge Journal of Regions Economy and Society2009O
8Capital and Class 2003P
9CESifo Economic Studies 2009O
10Community Development Journal 2009O
11Contributions to Political Economy 2009O
12Demography 2003P
13Development and Change 2007P
14Economics of Education Review2003P
15(The) Economists 2003P
16Enterprise and Society the International Journal of Business History2009P
17European Journal of Development Research2007P
18European Journal of History of Economic Thought2007P
19European Review of Agricultural Economics2009O
20European Sociological Review2009O
21Explorations in Economic History2003P
22Feminist Economics 2003P
23Global Media and Communications2007P
24Harvard Educational Review2003P
25Health Economics2004P
26Health Policy and Planning2007P+O(from          2009)
27History of Education2007P
28ICRA: Money and Finance2008P
29Industrial and Corporate Change2009O
30International Journal of Educational Development2004P
31International Journal of Health Services2007P
32International Journal of Public Opinion Research2009P
33International Journal of Rural Management2007P
34International Labour Review2003P
35Journal of African Economics2009O
36Journal of African History2003P+O (from 2005)
37Journal of Agrarian Change2003P
38Journal of Comparative Economics2003P
39Journal of Contemporary Asia2009P
40Journal of Economic Geography2009O
41Journal of Economic Literature2003P
42Journal of Economic Perspective2003P
43Journal of Financial Econometrics2009O
44Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved2007P
45Journal of Latin American Studies2003O
46Journal of Modern History2004P
47Journal of Post Keynesian Economics2009P
48Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory2009O
49Journal of Refugee Studies2009O
50Journal of World History2003P
51Latin American Research Review2003P
52New Political Economy2009P
53New Scientist2003P
54New York Review of Books2003P
55Oxford Economic Papers2009O
56Oxford Review of Economic Policy2009O
57Philosophia Mathematica2009O
58Population Studies2003P
59Public Opinion Quarterly2009O
60Publius: The Journal of Federalism2009O
61Race and Class2003P
62Radical History Review2007P
63Review: Fernand Braudel Center2004P
64Review of Environmental Economics and Policy2009O
65Review of Finance2009O
66Review of Radical Political Economics2003P
67Social History of Medicine2003P+O(from    2009)
68Socio Economic Review2009O
69South Asia Economic Journal2008P
70South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies2005P
71The Review of Financial Studies2009O
72The World Bank Economic Review2009O
73The World Bank Research Observer2009O
74Times Higher Education Supplements2007P
75Victorian Studies2007P
76WHO Global Subscription2003P
77Women's History Review2007P
78Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society2007P
Indian Journals
Sl. No. Title Starting Year Language
2Analytical Monthly Review2003English
3Aspects of Indian Economy2009English
4Awards Digest2008English
6(The) Book Review2003English
7(The) Calcutta History Journal1976English
8Combat Law2003English
9Communalism Combat2003English
10Contemporary India2003English
11Down to Earth2003English
12Economic and Political Weekly2003 (P+O)English
13Ekak Matra1998Bengali
16Himal South Asian2006English
17Indian Literature2003English
18Indian Economic and Social History Review2004 (P+O)English
19Indian Journal of Gender Studies2004 (P+O)English
20Indian Journal of Medical Ethics2004English
21Indian Labour Journal2004English
22Indian Social Science Review2004English
23Journal of Contemporary India2003English
24Journal of Educational Planning and Administration2003English
25(The) Little Magazine2003English
27Panchayati Raj Update2005English
30Siksha Darpan2003Bengali
31Social Scientist2003 (P+O)English
32Studies in History2006English
34Wasteland News2008English
35Women's Equality2003English
36World Affairs: The Journal of International Issues2004English
Gifted Journals
Sl. No. Title Starting Year Language
1Alternative Sud2002French
3Asian Studies2003English
4Asia Pacific Population Journal2007English
5Bharatiya Samajik Chintan2003English
7Foundation for United Trade Union Research and Education: Quarterly Bulletin2003English
8IDS Bulletin2005English
9INFLIBNET Newsletter2008English
11Population and Development Review2004English
12Reserve Bank of India Bulletin2003English
14Siksha Darpan2003Bengali
16Studies in Family Planning2003English
17Third World Economics2003English
18Third World Resurgence2003English
Members can get e-journals on specific request through DELNET. Calcutta University has also given access for browsing and downloading full text articles. Being a member of AIRC and ISI, the user of our library can access journals. The IDSK library subscribes 32 e-journals of Oxford university press. We are a member of Economic and Political Weekly online and few journals on SAGE online.