Academic Council

The Academic Council consists of all full time members of the Academic staff viz. Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Research Coordinators and Librarian /person in-charge of Library.

The Director is the Ex-officio Chairman of the Council. Convenor is elected by the Academic Council from among the Professors for a period of time as decided by the Council. Convenor will be elected in the first meeting of the Academic Council or subsequently thereafter in a manner as decided by the Chairman. Registrar may be invited to attend a meeting of the Council as and when necessary. Convenor of the Academic Council : Dr. Gorky Chakraborty.

The Academic Council makes recommendation to the Governing Council on matters relating to all academic programmes including teaching, training: introduction, discontinuation or modification and organization of courses, eligibility requirements and procedures for selection of students; examination and evaluation systems of the Institute including M.Phil and Ph.D programmes and assist in implementing policies and programmes of the Institute in best possible manner.

The Academic Council can also recommend to the Governing Council issues relating to interdisciplinary studies and research in the Institute and/or in collaboration with other organizations.

Members of faculty of other academic institutions may be invited in the meeting of the Academic Council if and when necessary