Conference Seminar

March 1-5, 2023Information Infrastructure of Social Science Research in IndiaView
January 30,2023Surviving Violence: Gender Justice and Everyday Resilience in Rural-urban IndiaView
February 24-26, 2021Examining Gendered Violence in IndiaView
February 20-21, 2020Aspects of Inequality in IndiaView
December 19-20, 2019Interaction of Knowledge, Power and Ignorance in Indian ContextView
November 19-20, 2019Citizenship in Contemporary TimesView
March 28-29, 2018Rethinking the Role of Business Groups in Contemporary India: Analyses, Reviews and ReflectionsView
February 7-8, 2017On Borders and Borderlands: Negotiating the 'Margins' under GlobalizationView
December 15-17, 2016Health Economics and Policy: Current Issues in IndiaView
September 22-23, 2016Negotiating Globalization: Trade Unions and Labour in Contemporary IndiaView
February 8-10, 2016Examining Intersections: Caste/Gender Narratives in IndiaView
December 28-29, 2015 Economics and Politics of Local Governments: The Indian ExperienceView
December 10-11, 2015 Instruments of Intervention: Capitalist Development and the Remolding of the Indian StateView
November 16-18, 2015 Trust in TransactionsView
January 15-16, 2015Sustainable Urbanization in India: Challenges and Opportunities.View
March 4-6, 2014The Return of the Land Question: Dispossession, Livelihood and Contestation in India's Capital TransitionView
February 6-8, 2014Conceptualising and Contextualising Tribes in  Contemporary IndiaView
November 20-22, 2013Exploring Means of Democratic Transformation: Theory and Practice in South AsiaView
December 15, 2012A Day-long Seminar in Commemoration of Eric HobsbawmView
September 27-29, 2012Interrogating Disability: Theory and PracticeView
April 26-28,2012Money, Finance and Macroeconomics of the Real EconomyView
March 22-24, 2012International Conference on Marxism: Marx and BeyondView
December 15-16, 2011Conference on Reproductive Morbidity and Treatment-seeking Behaviour in IndiaView
October 20-21, 2011National Conference on Pratyaha: Everyday LifeworldView
March 15-16, 2011Potential of Diverse Biodiversity Conservation Practices/Approaches and Livelihood Concerns in IndiaView
March 11-12, 2011Invoking Ambedkar – Contributions, Receptions, LegaciesView
February 10-12, 2011Tagore: At Home in the WorldView
December 10-11, 2009Gender Empowerment and the StateView
39792Health Systems Research and PolicyView
August 22-23, 2008Women, Work and EducationView
February 19 -21, 2008The Health Transition in India: Public Health, Governance and the MarketView
February 14-15, 2008Utopia, Dystopia, and Concepts of DevelopmentView
March 27-29, 2006Narratives of DevelopmentView
February 9-11, 2005Global Finance and Integration of Developing Economies with Special Reference to IndiaView
December 2-4, 2004Globalization and Labour: State, Market, and OrganizationView
December 2-4, 2004Globalization and Labour: State, Market, and OrganizationView